The choicest investment opportunities offer exceptional rates of return with minimal risk—and they provide superior performance consistently. That's a tall order in today's commercial real estate market. But just because winning isn't easy, doesn't mean it can't happen. IREG delivers on winning investment opportunities. Our investors—across the board—enjoy a healthy rate of return consistently. Mr. Simmons has successfully co-developed and built over 15,000 units across the southwest United States, with a combined value of over $1 billion. We have continued to achieve that success through an adverse economy in recent years.

What's our secret? It's a winning perspective: we "find a way to win" in every situation. Where others see barriers, we see opportunity. While most companies see a tight financing sector as a dead-end, we see it as an opportunity to get preferential treatment based on our compelling narrative of proven success. We get financed when many others don't because the capital markets recognize our recipe for success: big picture, long term planning, tough negotiating during development, deffered fees, and smart marketing along with wise cost management during operation. And we know when it's time to sell or to refinance to get maximum ROI for our investors.

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