Integrated Real Estate Group (IREG) is a fully integrated service company providing development, construction, property management, architectural, and engineering management services. Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, IREG is nearby to D/FW airport and accessible to major Texas highways in all directions, in mere minutes.

IREG was founded by builder and developer Richard E. (Rick) Simmons Richard Simmonson the prevailing principles of price strategy, product quality, and timely delivery. Since our founding in 1995, dozens of clients have discovered how these values and our unique, multi-company business model have made all the difference between success and failure on their projects—and for our investors, the difference between real profit and loss.


IREG is not one company but several, each reflecting years of proven experience results in their specialization—and each highly integrated with all of the others. This strategic combination of capabilities means IREG can provide our clients with a single-source solution offered by very few other firms, which allows us to deliver extraordinary value on every project. It's been a key our extraordinary record of success.

IREG's integrated service model benefits our clients by:

  • Providing an integrated approach to design, construction and operation that delivers more effective coordination and ensures successful outcomes
  • Delivering dramatic savings in time and money through more efficient communications before, during and after project completion
  • Offering single source accountability for the entire project which removes finger pointing between various contractors so common in a non-integrated approach

Of course, our clients can call on us for a fully integrated set of services—or use only those IREG companies they need for a given project. Regardless of the scope of services they require, our clients can always count on IREG to deliver their desired results on time and at or below budget. Personal integrity and professionalism come standard on every project.


Rick Simmons has a 25-year history of building and developing real estate throughout the United States, with an emphasis on multi-family developments. Following the successful launch of a luxury homebuilding company in 1990, Simmons established IREG, a multi-family development, construction, and management company in 1995.

In a fifteen year period, he has built and developed more than 15,000 units across the southwest United States with a combined value of over $1 billion. These projects vary in design and incorporate low-income housing, senior housing, high-end single family, high-end multi-family, and, most recently, assisted living.

At IREG, Simmons has assembled a team comprised of the finest talent drawn from his previous projects and the best-in-class of new talent drawn from the real estate industry. This highly-selective approach to team-building has resulted in a synergistic working environment enabling IREG to meet and surpass all expectations as a General Contractor, Partner and the highest expectations of customers, investors, clients and our residents.

In addition to the company's in-house team, Simmons has developed an impressive list of relationships throughout the building industry over the years – including lenders, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, architects, public officials, land brokers, and consultants – all of which will be beneficial in the projects yet to come.

Simmons is a University of Arkansas graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering, and makes his home in Westlake, Texas, with his wife and children.