The Integrated Real Estate Group (IREG) family of companies was founded by Richard Simmons and is dedicated to providing carefree living environments where tenants can enjoy a healthy lifestyle within safe, attractive and value-driven housing. Our mission reflects the convergence of emerging technology and a growing need for quality housing—resulting in unprecedented value for our tenants. In contrast to most “profit centric” development firms, our primary objective is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Putting people first—whether our tenants, partners, or team members—has proven to be a winning business strategy as well.

While our focus is on benefitting our tenants and their communities, we also benefit from a remarkably agile and value-driven organizational structure. As an integrated company, we have an exceptional capacity to maintain competitive market prices, while ever expanding the number of units built—resulting in increased profitability. Within our company, we also model our "people first" ethic and work as a cohesive, harmonious unit which translates into a smoothly running and highly coordinated operation.


Richard Simmons believes everyone—and especially seniors—should have access to well managed, affordable and high quality, multi-family housing—delivered in a quality and secure environment. That was the basis for him founding Integrated Property Management (IPM) in 2005, as an all inclusive real estate development company providing superior and consistent marketing, leasing, operational and residential services to its customers with a primary focus on senior housing. IPM accomplishes this through setting high quality standards and objectives and constantly measures itself against these standards in the industry. Simmons brought on a proven professional, Rory Johnson, to lead the day-to-day operations of IPM, which manages a portfolio of some +1500 units—located across Texas.


Early on, Richard Simmons saw the changing landscape in senior living and healthcare communities and determined to provide that new model to independent seniors—including those with low to moderate incomes. The result was Integrated Housing and Solutions (IHS), a company on a mission to develop quality housing for seniors, while also contributing to the fabric of the community at large. IHS brings unrivaled experience to the business of multi-family market rate and affordable housing development.—and delivers a total package from start to finish. Today the company, under the direct management of Kenneth Fambro, oversees the development of more than 5,000 units with cost totaling over $500 million.


No matter how strong the design concept—or ideal the location—a project must be built “right” to succeed. With that in mind, Richard Simmons set out to establish a construction company ideally suited to his type of projects—resulting in the formation of Integrated Construction & Development (ICD). As a principal, Simmons has built more than sixty communities with costs well over $1 billion. In an economy where value is crucial to sustainability and affordability, the working relationship and integration of the developer and the contractor is vital to success. Simmons is proud to consider ICD as a core strength of his family of companies.


Perhaps no other aspect of the housing industry is changing more rapidly than senior housing—requiring agile and adaptive management skills. Based on many years of direct experience in various phases of the senior housing industry, Richard Simmons founded Integrated Senior Living (ISL) in April 2011—to provide industry leadership as an innovative and dynamic senior housing Management Company. The emphasis at ISL is on personal choice; empowering residents to shape their lifestyles with unparalleled freedom—creating an unprecedented appeal, for multiple generations.